Rights / Intellectual Property Considerations in Video Book Trailers

I am fascinated and excited by book trailers on many levels: the connections the creation of these can make to books; the integration of video and text; the expertise and satisfaction it takes to create and complete and post one.

But I want to know what is acceptable use of the book within the trailer. I have in my head that as we move into this age of making video book trailers, we are showing our interpretations about a book or scene, but not taking the text or images from the book. I'm not even sure about the cover -- although with the new fair use considerations, I'd be happy to push that.

But are you comfortable taking the text from a book and copying it, word for word, in your trailer?

Are you comfortable filming an entire scene from, say, Monster by Walter Dean Myers, and posting that?

Do you show book covers throughout?

I'm seeing all kinds of great movies and examples here as folks upload their trailers. Fabulous! But what, if any, are the IP considerations we need to keep in mind? Looking forward to your thoughts.


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I think we have to use the new tests for transforativeness in our work. http://www.mediaeducationlab.com/index.php?page=265 It seems to me that if we add value and repurpose we are within the recommendations of the new Fair Use Code of Practice.

When the cost to the copyright holder is less that the benefit to society

See this video--http://www.mediaeducationlab.com/index.php?page=295
I will post the video on the Ning.

I think the following reinforces what Joyce said in her message....

The Fair Use Guide for Educators
Educators are shying away from using digital materials in the classroom according to researchers. Hoping to alleviate that, a group of professors has developed clarification about the rules. The information about the guide is available via a recent edition of e-School News. A quick overview of the five principles of fair use is at
[Register or login to access the entire eSchool News article]

Mon, Dec 08, 2008
A fair-use guide offers copyright shelter
Media and legal experts create a code to help teachers and students understand fair use of copyrighted materials
By Meris Stansbury, Assistant Editor

Note: Fair Use applies to educators in the USA. Other countries, other rules.


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